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Hostal Navarra

Routes in Navarre

Navarre is worth a long stay. It is a tranquil place that offers the visitor an interesting cultural heritage and a wide variety of landscapes. It is a land of deep-rooted traditions and unique fiestas that reflect the friendly, extroverted character of its people. It is a place to enjoy exquisite cuisine, one that makes the most of the products of the ancient Kingdom.

Discover the rich diversity of this region through the 10 routes that we propose.

Pamplona basin: History, tranquillity? and fiesta
Route 1: Old Part of Pamplona
The Pyrenees: forests, mountainous and valleys
Route 2: Orreaga-Roncesvalles
Route 3: Selva de Irati.
Route 4: Baztán valley
Route 5: Señorío de Bertiz and the Bidasoa
Route 6: Aralar, Leitzaran and Ultzama
Route 7: Roncal, Sangüesa, Javier, Leyre and Lumbier
The Central Zone: villages, castles and monasteries
Route 8: Olite. Monastery of La Oliva
Route 9: Puente la Reina, Eunate and Estella
The Ribera: Landscape and market gardens of the Ebro valley
Route 10: Bardenas Reales. Tudela

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